General Conditions of Sales

Each order presupposes that the customer has accepted the price and the description of the product on sale. ALTAN BOTTIER will honour an online order only within the limit of the available stock of the product. If one or many products are out of stock, ALTAN BOTTIER will indicate the amount available on its website in the product file. Customers are welcome to contact us anytime either by email ( or via our instant messaging service where our advisers will help you make a pre-order (with a down payment of 50%) to reserve the product temporarily out of stock. In which case, ALTAN BOTTIER will keep customers constantly informed of the status of their pre-order. However, ALTAN BOTTIER is not by any means responsible for waiting periods considered too long. Beyond a waiting period of 6 months, if a pre-order has not yet been honoured by ALTAN BOTTIER, it can be cancelled and fully reimbursed on the customer’s request.
ALTAN BOTTIER retains the right to cancel or to refuse an order from a customer with whom there exists a litigation related to the payment of a previous order or who presents some form of risk.
As a customer draws up an order, he is expected to be wholly and unreservedly committed to the present general sale conditions.

After the validation order and the receiption of the amount debited to the bank account of the means of payment, a confirmation and validation e-mail is sent to the client. The Billing is sent with the product purchased on the website at the delivery and/or billing address specified by the customer when ordering.

Descriptions of all products (the product’s wording as well as its composition and price) can be found on their information file, hereafter called “Product file”. You will find there the most faithful and complete descriptions which have been elaborated with highest accuracy and precision. Photos of the products, however carefully elaborated, might sometimes be subject to inconsistencies in their interpretation, depending on the product’s composition or colour, which is why our photos cannot be attributed with any contractual value.
ALTAN BOTTIER retains the right to add new products, to remove all or some of the products on sale on the website as well as to modify their description at anytime and without particular formalities with regard to Internet surfers.

ALTAN BOTTIER is committed to delivering products that meet the current customer safety and health requirements in accordance with European provisions.

The price of each product is indicated in Euros: this includes all French taxes on the day the order is made as well as processing fees of ALTAN BOTTIER. This does not include fees and surcharges specific to a given country, or transport costs which are expected to be paid by customers themselves except in case of particular mentions or conditions.
Customers can pay their sum immediately, in totality and in one deposit on the day the order is drawn up.
ALTAN BOTTIER retains the right to modify its prices at anytime and without prior notice. Products are invoiced based on the rates applied at the moment the orders are booked in. The products remain the property of ALTAN BOTTIER until the company has cashed in the whole sum.

Customers can only pay online by credit card (Carte Bleue, Visa, Mastercard) or via their Paypal account. The bank account corresponding to the credit card used is debited by ALTAN BOTTIER.

As soon as the payment has been finalised, the ordered product will be dispatched. Its delivery will depend on the haulage contractor that the customer has chosen as they validate their order and the mode of delivery they have selected among the options proposed by the website. The indicated delivery time will be provided by the haulage contractor. ALTAN BOTTIER is not answerable for any delay due to natural or social circumstances outside its responsibility. Customers are expected to pay their delivery fees which are indicated by the haulage contractor. An incompressible delay of 3 weeks corresponding to the fabrication of the patina (personalisation of the color) as to be count at the reception of the order payment. The Delivery time could varied from 2 to 10 days depending on the geographical zone.

Because of the specifities of color’s personnalization (or “patina”), every product that the colors can be personalizabled can not be exchanged, returned and refunded if the patina choice is not in the colors categories below :
Black, smoked black, smeked grey
Brown, brown moody, chocolate, cognac

  • Deadlines for returning an item
    The legal time limit for a customer to exercise their right to retract is 14 days between the day they receive their product and the day it is returned to us. In which case, the customer does not have to justify their motives or to pay any penalties. The right to retract can be exercised in accordance with the terms mentioned below in the paragraph “Conditions for exchanges and returns”. ALTAN BOTTIER will cover return fees. The total amount paid to Lamaisondusoulier by the customer will be reimbursed as soon as possible and at the latest 30 days after the day the customer made their requests
  • Item’s condition
    All returned items (shoes, original packing, accessories, instructions…) have to be perfectly intact.
    On receiving the package, ALTAN BOTTIER will verify the condition of the returned product. We do not accept returned items which have obviously been used or damaged by the customer or which are unfit for sale due to such damages. If a return is refused by ALTAN BOTTIER, the item will then be sent back to the customer, all transport expenses paid for by ALTAN BOTTIER. The customer cannot claim any form of compensation or right to reimbursement, unless he later exercises his right to have a guarantee for the product he has bought. In the case of an exchange, if the returned item has obviously been used or damaged by the customer and is unfit for sale due to such usage or damage, ALTAN BOTTIER can address to the customer all respective actions of recovery.
  • Reimbursement for returned items
    On condition that the customer respects these terms of return, ALTAN BOTTIER will undertake the reimbursement for the returned item within 15 days after the product is back in stock.