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You will find in the present chart (the “Chart” hereafter) the policies of the company ALTAN BOTTIER SARL whose headquarter is located at N°33 rue de Miromesnil 75008 Paris (France) (“ALTAN BOTTIER” hereafter) and which provides the processing of personalised data. Please read this Chart attentively to learn more about the processing of your personalised data (“Data”) by ALTAN BOTTIER. The Chart also provides details about ALTAN BOTTIER’s policies in terms of protecting personal information on the website (“Site” hereafter). 

1. Conditions for data collection

ALTAN BOTTIER may serve to collect your data particularly in view of:

  • Commercial relation: as you make a purchase on the website by filling in our contact file online or at one of the ALTAN BOTTIER shops.
  • Customer relation: as you exchange with our teams or subscribe to our newsletter on our website.

In order to provide you with a personalised service and keep you informed of ALTAN BOTTIER news, this collection, with your permission, contains data such as your contact details (telephone numbers and email addresses) and your residential addresses. 

2.  Purpose of data collection

Data thus gathered are necessary not only for managing the relation between ALTAN BOTTIER and its existing as well as potential customers, but also for managing the automated and manual operations below:

  • Managing commercial relation: orders, deliveries, invoices, book-keeping, complaints, feedbacks, after-sales service, commercial statistics; administering unpaid bills and litigations; gathering personal opinions about the products, services or content;
  • Managing customer relation: follow-up of customer relation, customer loyalty actions, commercial survey and transmission of information concerning our company and its activities; managing your subscription to our online newsletter (subscription and unsubscription);
  • Statistics, studies and analyses; marketing; improvement of the website, products and services of ALTAN BOTTIER;
  • Managing requests for rights of access, of rectification and of countermands

3. Conserve data

Data are conserved for so long as required by the purposes of data collection. Below are the main types of duration for conserving of data:

  • In order to administer your subscription to our online newsletter, your data are conserved so long as your subscription is active;
  • In order to administer your orders, your data are conserved while your orders are processed and then for another 10 years on account of accounting and juridical obligations;
  • In order to undertake commercial survey operations with your permission, your data are conserved for a period of 3 years starting from the end of our commercial relation (that is for example, after your purchase or after our last attempt to contact you without any reply from your part).

4. Security and data confidentiality

ALTAN BOTTIER will do is best in order to ensure confidentiality and safety for the data processed and prevent them from deformation, damage, ruin or unauthorised access by third parties.

However, ALTAN BOTTIER cannot control all risks related to the functioning of the Internet. Users of our website therefore need to be aware of possible risks that might come along with the use and functioning of the website. 

6. Cookies and internet connection

ALTAN BOTTIER trought technicals solutions that are not its property, uses of cookies (“Cookies” hereafter) or similar systems on its website is meant to improve your navigation. Our cookies can provide you with better service quality by recording information related to your navigation on our website.
Those cookies do not identify individual customers and last only during your navigation session.
You can refuse cookies by adjusting the parameters on your Internet browser. However, such operation may sometimes cause the deletion of all the cookies used on your browser, including those used on other websites. This may lead to alteration or loss of certain programmes or information. The deletion of cookies is quite likely to modify or even hinder your navigation on our website.
For Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and above :1. Click on the menu “Tools”, then “Internet Options”, 2. Click on “Confidentiality, 3. Select the requested security level with the cursor
For Firefox: 1. Click on the menu “Tools”, then “Options”, 2. Select “Privacy”, For Safari 3.x for Mac OS X: 1. Open Safari, 2. Click on “Preferences”, 3. Click on “Confidentiality”, 4. Select “Block cookies”.

7. Rights of access, rectification, deletion and opposition to data processing

You have the rights to access, to rectify and to delete your personal information as well as to refuse any processing of your data. All requests can be addressed anytime by post to Customer Service of ALTAN BOTTIER, N°11 rue Lincoln 75008 Paris (France) or by email to

8.  Modifications to the Chart

The present Chart may undergo possible modifications by Lamaisondusoulier. In which case, we will make sure that you are informed either by a special notice on our website or by a personal message particularly at the moment you receive our online newsletter.