Altan Bottier Sur-Mesure

The Bespoke “Bottier”

Bespoke shoemaking, a tradition in the House Altan Bottier, has been passed on from father to son within our workshops. From the mesuring process to the finished product we bring you a new experience – finding your fit, having your desires take on shape and substance.

A blank page

Bespoke shoemaking is the fruit of work, of dialogue between you, your desires and our artisans. A bespoke experience means to start from a blank page and create the shoes of your dream: from the lasting, the pattern cutting along with the choice of leather, to the patina, you are the creator.

The measurments

The measuring process is the first step in the making process. We take your footprint and up to 10 measurements points. The next step is the shaping of a wooden last adapted to the morphology of your feet, so they will fit in with immeasurable comfort.

The shoes creation

Once having finished the last for your pair of shoes our artisans will first make a model with the chosen last and your measures. Then, after having tried the pair and checked their comfortability the last step of production can finally start. At the end of over four months of work and entirely handmade, your bespoke pair as well as shoetrees are delivered. It would take over eighty hours of work and care from our artisans to bring to you an unique pair.

The Bespoke “bottier” it is:

  • on average of 80 hours of work to produce a pair of shoes
  • 4 to 6 months needed for the production
  • a large range of leather types, from the classic box calf to exotic leathers
  • a complete personification of your shoes

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