since 1973

 Sukru Sensozlu, from Konya, Turkey, started his training as a boot maker in his home country when he was eleven years old and then continued his apprenticeship with the greatest Parisian specialists in bespoke shoe-making for men and women.

In 1973, he created his own workshop of bespoked shoes, named after his son born the same year, ALTAN. His talent soon caught the attention of the most demanding customers, and ALTAN BOTTIER then began, and continues to this day, to work in collaboration with the film industry, museums and the Comédie-Française, among others. In 1998, the firm, who at that time specialized exclusively in bespoke shoe-making, designed and launched a bench made collection made in accordance with very strict specifications.

This first collection offered a specific feature, which has since then become Altan’s hallmark: the possibility to entirely personalize the shoes’ colour. Thus, each customer is free to choose the colour he desires. Since then, ALTAN BOTTIER has acquired a firm reputation with connoisseurs of unique high quality shoes. In order to offer a complete customer service, ALTAN BOTTIER provides high-end maintenance and repair service.

In 2012 opened a brand-new shop, 11 rue Lincoln, in the 8th Arrondissement, which presents the latest creations of the Parisian firm.

The Art of Colors

Give Your Shoes Uniqueness

In 1998 the house of Altan Bottier decided to opt for a full colours customization, and developed its own process that has gradually become its signature. 

Colors are made entirely by hand in Altan Bottier’s workshops in Paris, as a result of colorizing processes, skilful mixing of colours and assiduous work, which transcend the way we wear shoes. However discrete or incredibly eccentric, this process is to shoes what salt is to gastronomy: a flavour enhancer. To enhance the lines, the reliefs, the volume and above all, the style.

As a result of thorough knowledge about the world of shoes, leather, their particularities as well as various materials involved in creative processes, Altan Bottier’s colors owe all their fame to Altan Sensozlu, a master colourist, a skilful bootmaker and the founder of the ready-to-wear supply chain of the house of Altan Bottier.

This process involve to draw inspiration from works of Nature and Time”

It is in observing his works evolve in time that Altan Sensozlu finds inspiration and new touches to his works. Making colors is also drawing inspiration from works of Nature and Time. It is, above all, a story of how a creative genius comes across a support, the leather and its volume, the shoes.

The Maison Altan Bottier is therefore conceived to provide entirely customizable shoes. Shoes, assembled in raw vegetable tanned leather, allow us to realise the concept of ‘customized colors’ which covers almost the whole colour range: from dark black and black shades with subtle tinges, then basic brown colours each smoothly embellished, shining with ‘Cognac’ or ‘Autumnal’ hues, up to the most pop colours such as aubergine and bright blue in all their subtle shades. All the colors presented on the website are for illustrative purposes only in order to help you make the best decisions and choices. To find the color of your desire, go to the Colors Guide  Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly (

The Bespoke

Historic activity of Altan Bottier.
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