Altan Bottier’s Colorization guide


This guide will help you to define your color choice. Find bellow few colors made by the House Altan Bottier. These can be customized also, you can lighten it, darken it or add different shades of colors as well. Please, note that all our colors are handmade, all pairs are unique so on the final result you could find some slightly differences with the colors.

The Basics


The Aubergine color is a great classic of the House Altan. This color, dark or with some nuances, can easily go together with your grey or blue suits. A choice which sometimes can turn out to be a nice alternative to black, in the case of an Aubergine color much darker combining black and slight violet hints.

Bleu Nuit

The Night Blue color, as its name suggests, contains darks tones of blue. A color which can easily go together with your grey or blue suits. Like the Aubergine color with very dark tones, the Night Blue is an alternative to black shoes. A discrete color, rather business-like or ceremonial, but with some touches of light, it can actually stand out sharply.



The Chocolate colour is a brown patina with predominantly quite dark tones. Here the contrast takes place essentially through gradients from dark brown to black. It is in short a discrete and elegant color which will become a classic in your closet and with all due respect to our friends across the Channel, the « no brown in town » is a thing of the past.


The Cognac color is a matter of nuances. It is difficult to present THE Cognac color per excellence when many versions exist. It can be defined however as a color predominantly tawny and orange, with gradients from brown to burgundy hints. You can find many versions throughout our website, but whatever the version, it is by combination with your blue suits that this color will show all its character.

Smoked Grey

The Smoked Grey color is “the new black”, neutral, elegant and sober, more or less contrasted, thie color can be associated with almost everything with no risk of hurting your opposite. Perfect with blue, grey even black, this color is all terrain.

Others inspirations

Bordeaux lie de vin (Burgundy)

Arranged into gradients of red, burgundy, up to near-black, the “Bordeaux lie de vin” is a color rather demonstrative which ideally matches with blue and grey, and black.

Coffee Grain

The Coffee Grain color is a very dark brown, almost black. It can be worn with probably everything, not too exuberant and perfectly elegant.


The Honey color is a shade of yellow and brownish orange. It is a very light color, more casual in its way but which could be matched with your suits.


The Mahogany color is a pretty compromise between dark color as Chocolate/Coffee Grain and those of Cognac/Honey-ish colours. Not too light, not too dark, it is a color with subtle nuances and gradients here and there. So easy to match with all your outfits that you might run the risk of wearing this pair all the time.


The Caramel color is a subtil shades of different medium and light brown. This is a middle tones color, not to dark not to light, more casual in its spirit but which will fits easily any navy or grey suits.


This color is a version of our smoky Grey but much more darker. An original alternative to our smoky Grey, whose pastel tones will allow you to easily match it with almost all your outfits.